Forensic Vocational Appraisal

The multi-factorial process of gathering and analyzing pertinent data to assist the trier of fact in determining the most likely vocational outcomes and earning capacity of the subject party. 

Earning Capacity Assessment

Determination of most probable employment and earning capacity outcomes based on wholistic assessment and consideration of each individual's unique constellation of characteristics within the labor market.  

Litigation Consulting

Providing insight and assistance to counsel with case development as well as preparation for deposition and trial. Call today to arrange a no fee consultation. 

Comprehensive File Review

What are your goals? Are you preparing for trial, mediation or deposition? Are you considering vocational / earning capacity? Known for attention to detail, thorough file reviews and comprehensive reporting. 

Case Consultation

Wondering if your case warrants Vocational Expert services? Call today to arrange a no fee consultation. 

Occupational Data Sources

Expertise regarding utilization of career, occupational and employment resources.